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Four Factors to Consider Before Investing in RFID Technology

RFID or radio frequency identification allows us to detect objects wirelessly using collected information transmitted through electromagnetic waves. It has become an integral part of several industrial sectors, including healthcare, retail, education, and construction.

The experts offering the best RFID solutions for warehouse  said a wide range of components – readers, tags, antennas, cables, etc. – enable this particular technology to function optimally. 

The following write-up specifies a couple factors that determine whether or not RFIDs will last for a prolonged period. Please check them out now.

Antenna Patterns :

The RFID systems with a high frequency utilize a loop antenna that creates a disproportionate magnetic field. The ones with ultra-high frequencies produces a more or less directional field that has a beam with a definite angle along with polarization that tends to pick up the stray reflections and pave way for reading holes at farther distances. When choosing RFID, make sure to take these patterns of the antenna into account.

Material Density :

According to the experts providing inventory tracking RFID  systems, the material density of tagged items can cause absorption and reflection discrepancies. Polymer, for example, is low density material. Glass has a moderate density but water and other liquids have high density.

The high frequency has practically no influence, or in other words, cannot alter the transmission of signals with the material densities. But in case of ultra-high frequency, the transmission characteristics can be dramatically affected by the material densities. The overall reading performance will change.

So if working with the water or human body that is 70% water, the frequency of the RFID system will have to be chosen in view of that.

Reading Speed :

Every reader has different capacity in different application. These capacities are always case specific. Most of the RFID systems need special hardware that has little to no resemblance to the reading environment. If the exact hardware is not found, the reading speeds are unfortunately compromised. The final outcomes also change in accordance with the environment and the application.

Reading Distance :

The experts providing RFID personnel tracking solutions said most of their clientele wishes to know what distance they can get from a particular reader. The answer is – it varies. The reading distance of the systems with high and ultra-high frequencies depends on manifold factors such as power, sensitivity, environmental influences, antenna tuning, connection between the tag and the reader, etc. It is necessary to analyze and test the distances from the different readers in a live environment.

Planning on investing in RFID technology ? If yes, make sure to do so after considering the aforementioned factors. Also, rely on a top-notch provider, who assures quality along with affordability. No one would want to waste their hard-earned money on products that exhibits problems within a few months of installation, right?

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